Smoked Pork Belly Endive Salad with Orange Ginger Dressing

Okay, first thing is first; flavor. And boy oh boy is this dish packing it. Flavor, texture, visual appeal… I have checked all the boxes on this one. From luscious smoked pork belly, fresh oranges, grilled endive and an orange ginger vinaigrette, you will most certainly be begging for more. Seriously, my friends asked me to bring the leftovers home.
Speaking of friends, we are getting to my second point. I did a Messy Life, Messy Kitchen video for this one. And although laughing while drinking wine with my friends made this s truly enjoyable experience, it is slightly inaudible at times. If we sound like 4 minimally to moderately intoxicated girls talking over each other, that is because we are. As I continue on this journey of building the blog, myself, my brand and my food, I am learning. Each experience is quasi new. I have since ordered a microphone for my solo Messy Life, Messy Kitchen videos. But for now, you will have to take or shrill laughter with some ear plugs. But hey, smile, we were having fun. And you will hopefully get a few laughs out of it as well. And just in case you can’t follow along with everything that is going on in the video (because I was there and even I can’t understand sometimes); here is a toast to literacy. You can READ my blog post. 🙂
Back to point number one… the food. Squirrel. Food. Squirrel. FOOD. We have recently acquired a smoker. As such, everything simply must be smoked. And since for some strange ass reason, my husband is not a fan of pork belly, I cooked it when he was out of town. I already had a love for pork belly. But it grew the day I smoked this mother. If you do not have a smoker, you can do this in the oven. But if you do so happen to have a smoker, it is absolutely worth the labor of love.
Very often when I cook/create, I have a vision of what I want to cook, but some of the details need to be worked out. I had purchased endive, butter lettuce, granny smith apples, oranges, radishes, ginger, cilantro… clearly my attention at the grocery store somewhat mimics my conversational and writing skills. As I was smoking my marinated pork belly, I was talking to Trace Barnett, The Bitter Socialite. He is legit as they come and oh so much funnier than he was portrayed on television. We talk practically every day. (And are also try to plan some live streams together coming up). So as I was trying to narrow down the flavors of the dish, he was my planning buddy. His suggestion of smoking the endive lead to the grilling. We eliminated some things and decided which flavors to put into the dressing. One of the reasons so many people are drawn to food is because of the companionship it creates. And even if this is a phone conversation, there can still be love and laughs.
Don’t be fooled by its swanky appearance. Like a beautiful blond, it is deceptively simple. (I am both, so I can mock it.) Besides the patience of smoking the pork belly, every other element is quickly and easily executed. Some slicing here, stove top "grilling", pressing buttons in the food processor and you’re a culinary god/goddess to whoever you are serving!