Interview with Well Being Hawaii

May 21, 2018

Chat with Ash and I about my comeback on Comeback Kitchen, airing on the Food Network.

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Coming back to Comeback Kitchen!

December 31, 2019

I am making my comeback… in the Food Network Star Kitchen AGAIN! Get the skinny on me, my other competitors and my thoughts. πŸ™‚

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Interview with Honolulu Magazine

August 04, 2017

Follow along as I talk with Carrie Toth, the Food Editor for Honolulu Magazine on what my Food Network Star Experience was really like.

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Episode 7: Beat Bobbly Flay

uly 16, 2017

Beat Bobby Flay? Yeah right! But it sure was fun trying!

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Episode 6: Summer Parties

July 09, 2017

Mentor Challenge: Transform Potatoes. Star Challenge: Host a killer summer party!

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Chocolate Truffle Creme Brulee with Well Being Hawaii

March 08, 2018

Chocolate Truffle Creme Brulee is the BEST indulgent chocolate dessert! Watch along as I make it with my friends over at Well Being Hawaii.

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Episode 5: Sunny’s Kitchen Hacks

July 02, 2017

From shopping on a budget with Hannah Hart, to a live demo with Sunny Anderson, we tackle it all.

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Episode 4: Glamping

June 25, 2017

Follow us as we go glamping(ish)

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Episode 3, All Terrain Eats

June 18, 2017

hat does the Food Network have to say about episode 3, check it out. )

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Episode 2, Beauty and the Beast

June 11, 2017

What does the Food Network have to say about episode two? Check it out here.

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Military Spouse AND Food Newtork Star

December 31, 2019

A sweet write up with an interview I did. Bianca and I discussed how being a military spouse and a mom shapes what I cook.

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Vote for Me (as fan favorite)

June 03, 2017

Vote for your fan favorite. I promise you this stay at home military spouse could totally use the prize money. Plus, hey, I am most like you. A stay at home mom of two who followed her dreams in her spare time. Puppy eyes, pretty please, and all of that. xoxoxoxo

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