Honolulu Cookie Company Giveaway!

Pumpkin Tin (crisp white chocolate dipped pumpkin shortbread cookies) and Fall Window Box (white and dark chocolate dipped pumpkin shortbread cookies, crisp pumpkin shortbread cookies and chocolate chip shortbread cookies.)

I opened my tins the second I got home. And I ate at least 3 before I could even take a picture!!!

Is it possible to spread the spirit of sunny Hawaiian Aloha, while still evoking visions of fall? Now it is! Quite seriously, have you seen anything cuter than these perfect little pineapple shaped shortbread cookies? The Honolulu Cookie Company has been making these alluring treats since 1998.
And not only are they beautiful and tasty, they now have an exclusive Fall 2017 release for the pumpkin flavored shortbread cookies (as pictured above). Don’t live in Hawaii? Not a problem! We are running a FREE cookie giveaway here at Caviar and Crayons. Entering is easy, but trying to eat just one of these cookies is not. Believe me, I have eaten at least 10 already! And I am not one for false advertising; except of course about the weight on my drivers license. But hey, we all do that, right?
Not only are these short bread cookies eye catching, they are delicious. Like crave-ably, tasty, fantastic kind of delicious. These scrumptious shortbread cookies are made fresh daily with only the finest Hawaiian ingredients for optimal flavor.
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