The name began with Fe-Fi-Faux-Pho
Then it evolved to Fe-Fi-Pho-Yum.
And on my Instagram story the day that I made this I wrote: “Fe-Fi-Pho-Yum, this semi faux pho is not hum drum”.
Semi faux pho you may ask? I began with beef broth. I did not make my beef broth from scratch. I did however wrap some cinnamon sticks, star anise, charred ginger and onion as well as some ox tails in some cheese cloth. Those flavors cooked into the broth, giving it a very authentic flavor, with out the day long laboring of making and skimming broth. It was seriously delicious. It had all the flavors of the labor-some broth, but with half of the effort. And I kind of feel like that is a win win.
The other faux-pho element was using deli sliced roast beef… I will not brag as boldly about that substitution as I will my broth. It wasn’t bad per say. But I would take a different route next time. I also used shiritaki noodles to save on calories. But rice noodles would be the traditional route (duh); as well as a simple swap.
The broth and other elements were definite keepers however.
Any time I can have the comforting flavors of pho in my tummy in the comfort of my own home and take an afternoon nap after; I am going to chalk that up to a super duper win. I am all about the small victories in life. Did I get my kids shoes on the right feet today? Did I wash my hair? Remembered to lock the house? What can I say, I am easily impressed. (Except that I am also not, and have obscenely high OCD standards. Haha).
Let me also say, this was a lot of soup. When my husband is out of town, I tend to make food and eat the same thing for lunch and dinner for a few days. I have to get my fix in of the foods he does not enjoy eating. Pho is one of the things he is not obsessed with. Why? I have no f-ing idea. It literally blows my mind. The other day I got a pedicure with a dear friend. They were running a few minutes behind on our appointment. What did we do? We found the closest pho place, got it to go, and then ate it while getting pedicures. Literally the best decision I have made in my entire life. Okay, maybe not; but it is certainly up there with the smartest.
Serves 8


Putting it all together:
Cooked broth
meat or veggies of your choice (preferably cooked in broth)
a portion of cooked noodles, in broth
top with basil leaves, chopped cilantro and onion, Mung bean sprouts, a lime and some jalapenos slices
sauce add ons are hoisin, sriracha and chili garlic paste


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