Chocolate Truffle Creme Brulee

Chocolate Truffle Creme Brule. I know I do not need to say more, but this is my blog, so I sure as heck am going to. So read on friends.
Happy Happy Day O’Chocolate. Okay, I am sure there is a different day that has this claim to fame (because we literally have a “holiday” for everything here is the good ‘ol US of A). But no one likes a selfish thing, especially when that selfish things is hogging all of the chocolate. So I am willing to share the chocolate with you… not the actual chocolate, you have to purchase that from the store. I would like to share my recipe for the most chocolaty chocolate creme brulee ever.
In case you need an excuse to eat said chocolate, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means. calories don’t count. Wait, that’s not it, is it? You are morally obligated to eat chocolate? Hm. You’re more inclined to eat chocolate? Ah, you feel totally justified in eating chocolate.
Chocolaty treats are synonymous with Valentines Day.
Strawberries + Champagne + Chocolate + Adult Consensual Things = Valentines Day.

This indulgent dessert is the PERFECT one to make for your special someone. It is so delightfully rich that you won’t be stuffing your face with obscene amounts of sweets that will make you want to pause before other “adult consensual things”. If it isn’t Valentines Day, and you just have an undying love for chocolate (who could blame you), this Chocolate Truffle Creme Brulee is also the missing piece of your soul. Trust me.

My husband just happens to loooooves chocolate. It is his love language. Well, his second love language. The first one is equally associated with Valentine’s Day, but this isn’t that kind of blog. This decadent chocolate treasure was so chocolaty that he actually struggled to finish it ! (gasp) Seriously, never in the history of my knowing him has he not had 5 pieces of chocolate cake, a whole bag of dark chocolate chips, extra chocolate everything. So tasty and so rich. You know leaving time and room for other “adult consensual things”. (You guys, we are talking about sex in case you are confused.)
Let us get into all of this chocolate loving fun shall we? Because I KNOW you are putting up with all of my ridiculous rambling in order to get to the good stuff (aka the recipe).
Makes 4 1-cup ramekin servings (or 8 4 oz ramekins)

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