Bruschetta Chicken

Easy peasy week night meal that is packed with flavor… everyone needs something like that in their arsenal. Ta-da. Like magic, I have swooped in to aid you in this tireless quest! This bruschetta chicken boasts bubbly mozzarella, aromatic tomatoes and the fresh flavors of garlic and basil. Everyone’s favorite appetizer bite at parties is now an entree. And guess what? It is also deceptively simple.
I made this dish for myself while my husband was out of town, so I didn’t add any always yummy carbs. But you can. This recipe has enough of the bruschetta topping to toss with pasta. And you could even transform it into a sub sandwich if you wanted. By my never ending battle with my growing ass lead me to opt for flavorful chicken with a heaping pile of tomatoes. Whatever you chose, you are sure to have a delicious bite filled with flavor. And don’t worry Food Network Star fans, I washed my hands, repeatedly. I am like permanently traumatized by that experience. And I have a ridiculous need to disclose my hand washing practices for any unsolicited reason.
Moving on, lol. This dish only takes 30 minutes or so from start to finish and makes great left overs. And if you’re in the mood to watch me ramble for 30 minutes, please enjoy this video….