Depending on your goals we customize programs to ensure your meeting your health & wellness goals.  There is no age restriction to health.  All ages are welcome.  We accept  all Medical Savings Cards (MSA, HCSA, FSA, HSA). 

Executive Wellness:

Our Executive Wellness program is an “all-inclusive” supreme wellness program.

It includes:

  • Weekly personal training exercise & detox services
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions
  • Infrared treatments
  • Massages
  • Lymphatic facial
  • Lymphatic massage cleanse
  • Electro-muscle stim
  • And other health services done monthly to keep you in optimal health

Get Fit Program:

Our Get Fit program includes:

  • Weekly personal training & detox services
  • It also includes infrared treatments
  • Compression massage
  • Electro-Muscle stim
  • And other health services monthly.

Senior Wellness:

Our Senior Wellness program is designed for the seniors to maintain general good health. Seniors choose eight health services per month.

Choices include: 

  • Personal training
  • Vibration therapy
  • Detox services
  • Infrared treatments
  • Compression massage
  • Senior fitness classes
  • Oxygen bar therapy
  • And other health services monthly.

Family or Corporate Wellness:

Our Family and Corporate wellness programs are customized to meet the needs of your family or organization.

Healthy workers have been found to be happier, more productive, and have fewer absences from work than less‐healthy workers. Stress, unhealthy lifestyles, poor health, and job dissatisfaction affect one’s life professionally and personally. Employees with multiple risk factors such as these can experience a productivity loss of as much as 6‐12% on the job. Furthermore, effective wellness programs have been found to decrease sick days and disability by as much as 25%. Worksite wellness programs work to improve employee health, and subsequently improve organizational capacity.