“New U gave me that jump start.  Now I look and feel better.  After two kids…bam!  It can be done.  People just need to want change.  Need to be proactive, instead of reactive,  Thank you New U for changing my life.”

Mimi Decanay

“Had an amazing time.  Very professional.  Serene and fun ambience.  Friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Assortment of activities and treatments.  Will definitely be returning!  The foot detox soak was awesome.”

Nya Fiya

“Love this place!!  Went for training with Shelley for Rejuni Tattoo removal and fell in love with the entire atmosphere!  Will definitely be back for more training and other services.”

Jameelah Lloyd

“Thank you for making my sister’s sweet 16 the best!  We were impressed by all.  Thanks for the tour and the vibration exercise training demo. 😊 Will be back for sure!!  Keep up the outstanding healing work, we need this in our lives!”

Rebecca Hobbs

“This is 2017 style boy and self care; with staff and services I only found like this in Europe and Asia.  Jann and Maurice are total givers, they share the best of what’s available at super reasonable price and no weird sales pitch…and no weird smelling atmosphere!  Everything is fresh easy and top of the line to assist you in your goals and the best life ever…I am grateful I found New U.”

Mary Alice

“New U has been a life changing experience for me.  I love the way my body looks and most of all the way my body feels. Thank you New U.”

Dulce Snow

“I came to New U very ill, almost 10lb underweight (about 10% total weight loss), emaciated at only 15% body fat, short of breath, barely able to walk, out of work sick, hormonally imbalanced, hair loss, and with severe brain fog from Anemia and the related immunosuppression.  I didn’t feel, look, or seem like myself and was experiencing many, many symptoms.  I didn’t feel Western Medicine was providing me adequate options to quickly return to perfect health, so I decided to treat myself (luckily, I am an clinician) with the help of NewU state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff. Within 6 weeks of visiting New U just twice a week, I gained 5.5 lb. and 2% body fat, which is an astoundingly swift return to my proper constitution.  While many seek to lose weight, being underweight is an often-overlooked condition/complication and is also quite challenging (New U can help with both gaining and losing weight).  In addition, my Anemia was reversed as evidenced by WBCs, RBCs, and Hemoglobin in Normal Range after 6 weeks of treatment with herbs, IV nutrients, and NewU therapies, which is also medically unusual to reverse the condition so quickly; however, this Case further underscores the power of Integrative Medicine for many conditions, especially chronic conditions.  Thankfully, my hormones were all restored to quite perfect balance as well. And, yes ALL of my many symptoms are gone! I am grateful to NewU for their help and support and recommend their therapies and services for increased immunity, decreased inflammation, muscle gain, well-being, detoxification, natural beauty and so much more.  If you have a chronic health condition, complementary and integrative therapies at New U are tools that I recommend you explore.”

Dr. Christine Tara Peterson

“I totally dig the vibe and that I feel like family and that you treat everyone like family. I look forward to my appointments. I can see/feel progress and it’s only been a few weeks”


“Another afternoon full of more first for Kris Drury.  We went to an amazing family owned local place for 3 hours of detox.  We did a foot bath, jade infrared sauna, compression massage, full body vibration workout, oxygen bar, and mini lymph drainage massage!  Can’t wait to go back!!  Blessed to find yet another wonderful place of healing!”

Jen Drury

“This regimen is mandatory for everyone. We will be back! Thank you!”